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PR23614_20190521_082910MulberryLeaf.jpg **Fall Mulberry Leaf 桑叶- Fresh

Ingredients: Organic grow here, google " mulberry leaf benefits"

PR52348_20200407_104950-van.jpg Home delivery fee ( for less $100 order)
(one drop place)

Ingredients: Free delivery for order $100 or more.

PR61609_Cajeta.jpg Cajeta (caramel sauce) -yummy!

Ingredients: Goat Milk heavy cream, Raw Honey, Vanilla Extra

PR26569_20180522_120929_feta.png Aged Raw Goat Cheese - Feta
(5 oz)

Ingredients: raw goat milk, cultures

PR65114_20180214_093628-eggs.png Duck Eggs - small/xlarge unwashed

Ingredients: pasture raised / organic fed

PR56756_20180214_093628-eggs.png Duck Eggs - Jumbo and XLarge Mix
(20 eggs( $15/dozen))

Ingredients: pasture raised / organic fed

019_chive_pie.jpg Chive Pie

Ingredients: All Organic (ginger, fresh chives, pasture duck eggs, flour )

PR82063_20180327_124615_energy_bar.png Energy Bar -- NO SUGAR, DETOX
(2 in pack)

Ingredients: Organic (Oak meal, sesame butter ,Raw honey, organic nuts,fresh Turmeric , Ginger roots, flex Seed powder, TRIPHALA, pink salt...more see label

017_ferm_rice.jpg Fermented Rice
(16 oz)

Ingredients: organic sweet rice, yeast

PR61718_20180725_182411teabags.png Herb Tea - Aiye
(6 tea bags)

Ingredients: Organic grow here-- dried Aiye leaves, dried Goji berry, dried Ginger

PR62379_20180725_182411teabags.png Herb Tea - Mulberry/Goji/Honeysuckle
(6 tea bag)

Ingredients: Organic Grow here- Dried Mulberry leaves+ Dried Goji Berry+Honeysuckle

PR46381_MasterTonic_resize.jpg Master Tonic - 12 months fermentation
(8 oz)

Ingredients: Organic (Raw Apple cider vinegar, Horseradish, Ginger, Turneric, Garlic, hot pepper, Onion, ....

PR49880_20180727_114043goldenpaste.png Turmeric Paste - Golden Paste
(8 oz)

Ingredients: Fresh Turmeric roots, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Pepper, Cinnamon, Honey, Mint, ...

PR32248_20180429_112055TurmericVinegar.png Turmeric Vinegar
(8 oz)

Ingredients: All organic: Fresh turmeric roots, Raw Apple Cinder Vinegar... fermentation for 6 months

PR41273_moxa.jpg ** Aiye 艾草 - Artemisia argyi - Moxa- dried herb
(2 tube bar)

Ingredients: Organic Grow here, powerful herb, ready to use

PR85481_smellbag.jpg ** Avoid the plague Sachet - help protect air condition tra
(small bag)

Ingredients: 吴茱萸, 柴胡, 羌活, 大黄, 苍术, 细辛, 艾叶... Natural herbs, Smell only

PR32379_20190521_082851Aiye-300.jpg Aiye (Artemisia argyi)- fresh
(1 lb)

Ingredients: Organic grow here, Dehumidify from body...

PR39163_20200625_185842-goji.jpg Fresh Goji Berry
(4 oz)

Ingredients: Organic grow here

PR53862_20190521_094948moringa.jpg Fresh Moringa leaves

Ingredients: Organic Grow here, not on season

097_pink_pepper.jpg Fresh Organic - Pink pepper

Ingredients: Organic grow here

054_goat_milk_soap.jpg Goat milk Soap

Ingredients: goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil...

PR81582_20190521_095113Gojiplants.jpg Goji plant-
(gallon size)

Ingredients: Organic grow here- gallon size

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