Newsletter July 7, 2016

- What's new...
- When and where to pick up our products...
- Special introductory products this week...
- How to order online...
- Photo of the week...

====== What's New?
Good morning, everyone:

We are now in the peak time for our milk production since most of the older kids no longer need to drink milk. We still have 70 kids ready to go to good homes as pets, and to other farmers for their breeding programs. It's time for cheese-making since we have extra milk....
Happy cheese-making this week... we have goat milk mozzarella (regular and smoked), cottage cheese, chevre, sour cream cheese (kefir cheese).... See our product list online....

Community Support Agriculture (Products from Local Farmers):
- New products from a local certified kitchen...> We've tried all the products from "Wise Goat Organics" - their sauerkraut is the best. We know where they get their organic veggies, and we know how clean the owner's processing is - and we just can't stop eat their sauerkraut... tasty!!! They also make all kinds of organic bone broth....
Now you can order their products from our online store for delivery to all our CSA and Farmer's Market locations. Check out their website:
- Good news for dog and cat owners!! We are so lucky to have Mary Voss as one of our goat milk club members. She and her husband retired from a high-tech company and own a small factory here locally. They make RAW meat food for dogs and cats. They get meat from a local pasture-raised cow farm, and pack it raw and fresh. We tried their products - our dogs and cats are crazy about them!!! They all love it.... Please check out their website for more information, and to find out why RAW meat is best for your pets....
Now you can order their products from our online store for delivery to all our CSA and Farmer's Market locations. Their website:

====== Available Pick-up Locations and Times
We will start delivering to our LA markets on a regular weekly basis soon. We are currently trying to find a truck so Andy can easily pick up our products from the Organic Pasture hub there and deliver to Farmer's Markets. We plan to open more markets when ready. We need a little time to set up and hope we can start this month. We'll keep you posted.

Bay Area Markets:
Saturday Markets:
San Mateo Farmer's Market: 10am-1pm
Palo Alto CSA: pick-up after 4pm
Santa Clara CSA: pick-up after 6pm
SF CSA: If you order online before Saturday, Gail can help you by picking up your order from the SM Farmer's Market, and then you can pick up from her SF home. You will receive detailed pick-up information after you place your order. Contact Gail for your pick-up time.

Sunday Markets:
Los Gatos Farmer's Market: 8am-12pm
We are looking for a new CSA drop location in the Campbell/Los Gatos area; please send me an email if you'd like to be a CSA drop point.

Tuesday/Wednesday Delivery:
East Bay - meet the delivery truck at the TSH parking lot. Order online to reserve your order.

====== Special Introductory Products This Week...
- Pastured no-soy no-corn organic-fed duck eggs:
100% pasture-raised, organic feed, no soy/no corn.
Discount for unwashed eggs: Buy 5 dozen unwashed eggs for $25 - you get $1/dozen off the regular price for washing your own eggs! Washed eggs are also available at the regular price.
- ZhongZi - One Moon (one salted egg yolk)
- ZhongZi - Two Moon (two salted egg yolks)
- ZhongZi (pork meat)
- Chive Pie (pastured duck eggs, fresh chives from our garden, organic olive oil)
- Cheese Whey
- All kinds of cheese
- Week-old milk available at 40% off, gallon size/quart size (+jar deposit)....
- Goat Milk Soap Bars
- Classic Kraut (Wise Goat Organics) - introductory price
- GreenTripe 2lb/5lb Raw Meat Roll - introductory price

====== How to Order Online...
1. Go to our website:
2. Click "Sign In" from the menu at the top of the page. Enter your username and password. Once you are signed in, your club member prices will be displayed in the order checkout.
3. On the main menu bar, select "Place CSA Order" from the "Products" dropdown. Select your items by clicking "Add to shopping cart" next to the desired items.
4. When you've finished selecting your items, click "Go to shopping cart >." You will be able to change the quantity of each item in your shopping cart.
5. On the Order Preferences page, select your preferred drop location from the dropdown menu.
For return jars:
If you pick up from a CSA drop location, we will credit your account after we get your returned jars. Please label your name on the return jars. We will pick up your jars in the following week's delivery. You can also return your jars to any Farmer's Market or store that sells our milk.
NOTE: You are welcome to return any of our glass bottles/jars for recycling; however we only refund the ones you paid a bottle deposit for. For example, the price for a milk bottle includes a bottle deposit.
6. Choose your payment method - PayPal or "Order now, pay later." The "Order now, pay later" method is only available when you reserve an order for pick-up at our dairy.…
7. Complete your order. You will receive an order confirmation email... bring it with you when you pick up your order.
NOTE: If you don’t want to use Paypal online, you can send us a check before you place your online order. We will credit your payment to your account. Before you start your order, you need to make sure we received your check so you have a credit available. We will email you “how much credit you have here.” To use your credit, complete an online order and click the "Apply Credit" button when prompted during checkout.

====== Photo of the Week... New Home for Kids

We are really grateful for our community!!!
Enjoy and be healthy!

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