Evergreen Acres Dairy Newsletter Feb 6th 2015

Dear Customer / Reader

Who we are and what we do now:

Anybody following our story will know that Evergreen Acres Goat Dairy was operating as a private herd share farm in San Jose in 2011 and was closed by the CDFA requiring that we meet certification requirements for the public sale of milk. We had to stop providing milk privately to the owners of the goats despite the fact that no milk was sold publicly. At that time we committed to become a certified dairy operation and with help from our investor Sallie Calhoun of Paicines Ranch we were able to purchase a 36 acre rangeland farm in Tres Pinos, San Benito County. We have also, thanks to your support been able to make the farm into what is now Evergreen Acres Dairy, where our Guernsey goats enjoy 36 acres of organic grassland pasture in the hills east of Hollister.

Three years later, Evergreen Acres is proud to announce that our Guernsey herd and dairy has finally achieved full certification to Grade A Raw Milk standards approved by the CDFA and CDPH. We are also a certified cheese creamery and a certified processed food facility. We are not yet certified Organic but are on the CCOF list for certification. Everything we do is organic natural grow as possible and the farmland is already listed Organic in San Benito County

Why is our Guernsey goat milk different?

We plan to introduce and distribute our sweet Guernsey Grade A Raw Goat Milk to our CSA members and selected stores and distributors over the next few weeks.

Those of you that have discerning children who have tried our milk at our farm in San Jose will know that our milk is particularly sweet and rich in butter fat providing a creamy non-goaty drink that children love. The rich taste is provided by our Guernsey goats that are not available in any other grade A dairy in California.. Our herd is 90 percent Guernsey goats and Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians that all have sweet high butterfat milk. The Guernsey produces the best goat milk on the market and is loved by children who do not usually like to drink goat milk from larger goats such as Saanens and Alpines that have that goaty taste. Guernsey goat milk has a reputation in the UK for producing wonderful cheeses.

If you have not tried our milk before try the samples we are supplying now and you will know that what we are talking about is the best quality raw goat milk available from any dairy. The trade off we make to obtain this quality and taste is less milk from each goat as they are smaller goats with a richer milk only bred from pedigree stock originating from the island of Guernsey in the British Channel islands.

Our herd is being bred now in what we call the dry season when there is less milk as the does gets ready to kid in late March and April. As a result our supplies will be limited for a few . Our milk is chilled to under 38 degrees F within 30 minutes of milking and should be fresh and sweet for 2-3 weeks if stored at under 38 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend you only buy enough milk for one or two weeks supply.

Our customers wanting to buy our milk in glass may do so in about 3 weeks when our classic round style bottles arrive from Canada. There will be a small returnable deposit of 2 dollars.

Our Products

Raw Grade A Guernsey Goat Milk

Raw aged Feta and Cheshire cheeses

Pastured Duck Eggs

Pastured Duck Meat and goat meat

Processed foods we make to order only includes (start this summer after kidding season)

Goat Cheese Pizza with Goat cheeses, Organic tomato/ basil... many topping options)

Goat Milk Cheesecake (with Goat cheese, Honey, duck eggs, Vanilla)

Salted Duck Eggs ( Duck eggs/ Himalayan Pink salt/ wine)

Drunken Eggs (Duck Eggs cooked in organic Sweet Fermented Rice)

Zhong Zi (Succulent farm Pork (from our milk fed pigs) cooked in steamed organic Rice and wrapped in Bamboo Leaf, many custom options for other ingredients inside)

Duck soup/ Duck meat (cooked pastured ducks with dry yellow flower/garlic/ginger/pink salt/wine/season veggies… many other options)

How to Order:

You have many ways to get our products:

1> Pick up from our CSA drop locations: Now, we deliver every other week in the Bay area,

We have Santa Clara/ Sunnyvale / Los Gatos/ Palo Alto/San Mateo/ SF Castro/ Berkeley/Oakland/ Hayward drop locations

To Join a drop location send us your order to goatlady606@gmail.com to set up an account with us.
We need your information as follows :
your real name:
your email address:
Your phone number:
where are you located:( the pick up area you prefer)

What products and quantity you would like weekly or monthly?

We will reply your request with cost. After we get your confirm, we will send you delivery detail information.

If you want to be a new drop location host for our products, you will get some deal from us in exchange for maintaining a group that can order sufficient product that makes a new location worthwhile. Contact us directly for more information.

If you are a home school parents, we like to help you and support your hard work with discounted pricing and free product whenever we have excess products. We also open our farm for your education program at spring time.

2> Order online and Receive free delivery to your door:

We have an online store on the Grubmarket.com website where you view our products and order with free next day delivery by the Grubmarket. They like group orders and offer better discount deals for larger quantity orders. Visit our store at the Grubmarket website : https://www.grubmarket.com/evergreenacresgoatdairy/

3> Buy From your Local food stores:

Just ask your local food stores about our Raw Guernsey goat milk. They can contact us directly and we can deliver directly to the store. Stores that already sell our Duck Eggs will be the first stores to be offered the opportunity to also sell our goat milk soon.

4> Prior Goat Share members Club Discount:

If you were one of our goat share customers before, we have not forgotten you. We thank you for your continued support and you will have discounted Club Member pricing for all our products. Let us know you would like to be on our Club Membership list and we will send you further information.

Our Breeding Program

Evergreen Acres Dairy is a member of the GGBOA Golden Guernsey Breeders of America https://guernseygoats.org/breeder-listings/ . and the British Goat Society .


Both of these organizations have good information about the Guernsey breed and its sweet milk making it a favorite for cheese makers and dairies in the UK. The goal of the GGBOA and Evergreen Acres Dairy is to help establish the Guernsey as an ADGA recognized dairy goat breed in the US. In the UK it is a declining breed on the endangered species list and cannot be brought to the US other than through a US based breeding program.

We hope that more goat breeders can join the GGBOA group and join us to raise more Guernseys. We will soon have many more Guernsey kids available for sale after April. We will have an open farm for farmers who would like to meet us and learn more about the Guernsey goat.

Our Organic Farm Fodder Program

What is next? Organic farming for us goes beyond what CCOF will finally get around to inspect at our farm. Naturally grown hay and feed are necessary but not enough. The pastures in the North West around California have mineral deposits and natural geology that is deplete in Selenium and locally has excess Molybdenum in the water. This interferes with the natural chemistry of any livestock feeding off the land. Goats are sensitive to and need copper in their diet as well as Selenium which need to be added to our feeding program. The presence of Molybdenum displaces Copper and causes many health problems.

We are building a sprouted fodder system in our greenhouse that will provide enough fodder from organic seed to feed and supplement our goats diet with natural minerals and vitamins every day. This and use of Selenium and Vitamin A supplements will balance the chemistry for our goats that have not needed any copper beyond copper salt blocks for two years and remain healthy.

New Website

We will have more detailed update information and more photos on our new website soon.


. We will also be posting an introduction promotion deal soon on our website. Don’t miss it.

Contact info:

Evergreen Acres Dairy

606 Santa anita Rd.
PO Box 1108
Tres Pinos,CA95075


GoatLady606 at g mail dot com