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Golden Guernsey

Our Guernsey Breeding Program

Evergreen Acres Dairy is a member of the GGBOA Golden Guernsey Breeders of America and the British Goat Society.

Both of these organizations have good information about the Guernsey breed and its sweet milk, making it a favorite for cheese makers and dairies in the UK. The goal of the GGBOA and Evergreen Acres Dairy is to help establish the Guernsey as an ADGA-recognized dairy goat breed in the US. In the UK, it is a declining breed on the endangered species list, and cannot be brought to the US other than through a US-based breeding program.

We hope that more goat breeders can join the GGBOA group and join us to raise more Guernseys. We will soon have many more Guernsey kids available for sale after April. We will have an open farm for farmers who would like to meet us and learn more about the Guernsey goat.